Just thinking

I'm just sitting here at the office thinking and looking out the window. The wind is blowing and the wind reminds me of the Holy Spirit where you don't see Him but you see the evidence of His presence. Today has been one of those days that I have felt His presence. The older I get  (trust me I'm getting older) the more I see that God has a plan for me and I never know from day to day what that might be. There are times I have an agenda that I expect to accomplish and God has another agenda for the day. Like today. I didn't see what the agenda was til after the fact when  I felt His presence. Just like the wind outside.To feel His pleasure and to experience His presence doesn't always come about the way I thought it would. Some times it's after I'm reflecting on the situation that I realize God did that, God made that happen. God wanted me to be there at that time, God wanted me to run into her, God wanted me to call them. I may be just doing life and then realize God led me to that place to show me His presence. I'm starring at this picture over my desk and it has Psalm 61:28 "Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I ". God is leading me and at times I'm not aware of it but later I see the evidence of His presence. Just like the wind! The most amazing part of God's leading is that God would take the time to lead me or even desire to lead me. Now, that's amazing! God is too good to me! 

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