Time is flying

I cannot believe it has been months since I have blogged! It seems like yesterday Howard had his surgery and I was sitting in the hospital room waiting for the doctor to come in and tell me he was fine. He didn't say anything very encouraging til weeks later after the surgery and we were in his office for a follow up. He said that he was very concerned when he was performing the operation but was happy to say after the results were back that all the cancer is gone! Have you ever watched a doctor talk and you think in your mind "he's not telling us everything and all he is saying is let's just wait til we get the report back"? well, that was how it went for me but I'm happy to announce Howard is fine!You never know when God is going to take you down a path you prefer not to go even though you  know in your heart that if God allows you to travel that path, you would rather travel that path with God leading than another path you were leading! We are in the middle of our summer bible study and loving it. We are so pleased to have so many ladies. We are studying Spiritual Maturity and desiring our Father to grow us up!Cup of Joy is at our new office and loving it! We certainly see that our Father has led us here!!  I was thinking about me listening to God's voice.  He does speaks so clearly in the stillness or is it that only as we quiet ourselves do we hear?