He is Almighty

I'm studying Revelation getting ready for our bible study to begin tomorrow night. The very first mention of Jesus says He is coming with the clouds and everyone will see Him. He tells us who He is in verse 8 of chapter 1,  I am the Alpha and the Omega. Who is and who was and who is to come - The Almighty.This morning coming to the office the sky was absolutely beautiful. All I could think about is Lord come quickly. Life is hard. I have heard from several ladies lately that are going through such difficult times. I just sat at a red light looking up to the sky saying "Jesus, your children are crying out to you. Please love on them and let them know you  hear their cries !  Wouldn't it be wonderful if He came today!  But, if not,  I need to remember He is the God of my today, my yesterday, and my future. In the meantime, I will continue looking at the clouds and long for Him and remind myself He is Almighty!

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