God draws one more!

When you ask God to do something that only He can do, He knocks your socks off!I'm referring to a lot of things but recently to our registration for the February retreat. Every year I have been on my knees asking God to draw women to Himself and this year He is letting us know it is His desire. we have the wonderful opportunity to find extra rooms.He is calling women to slow down and reflect on Him and I know He will work out the room situation. Winshape has given us all the rooms we can have at this point but it appears that we can go to a hotel and get more rooms that are only a few miles away. we have space in everything else like eating and meeting and enjoying the property. It's just sleeping. I can't explain the excitement I have when after praying, go to the registration and see the number go up! I know every time the number goes up, it's another lady God has called. Wow! All we can say at Cup of Joy is "This is for your Glory"!So if you feel God is calling you to be a part of this weekend, keep checking with us because we believe if He calls, He will provide! The theme is "The Bridegroom says Come"! (It was determine before registration) and I believe He really is telling us all to come. would you be willing to just sleep somewhere else and then enjoy your time with Him on the amazing property of Winshape? He's calling! Our amazing Savior would like to enjoy a weekend with us focusing on Him!

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