It was just a walk

As so many of you know, i have the privilege to come to Cayman and get a way from the "busyness" of Atlanta. Howard had to be here for a meeting so it didn't take me long to say I would go!! I was walking today, as I love to do here, and listening to praise music. I began to pray and ask God what His desire is for me and His Will for Cup of Joy. I have been thinking about the name "Cup of Joy" and remembered when I chose the name and it had no real powerful meaning. I thought I like coffee so cup is cute, I love to have fun, so joy seemed a great word for fun (clean fun) so there it is Cup of Joy! Cute, don't you think? But, today God has led me thinking deeper into His purpose for Cup of Joy. My thoughts today is that God wants to be my Joy. I think of the many names of God like Soveriegn, Peace, my Provider, just a few, but today I felt Him saying to me "Let me be your Joy!"It was just a walk but the thought nearly stopped me in my tracks! I had to really think was Jesus really THE joy of my life? I pray He is, I really do want that! Have you ever thought about who is your joy? Take a walk or just sit for a moment and ask God where you find most joy. Is He the joy of your life, is He the joy of my life? That's a great question. I think I need to take another walk. will you join me?

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