we are rejoicing!

Wow! we are so excited here at Cup of Joy about our next retreat. we have a waiting list and I'm praying that God will open up more rooms for everyone. It appears that we can have rooms outside the campus which is only a few miles away.  The truth is that we can be together with everything except sleeping. (I doubt you want to share a bedroom with 100 women anyway). My heart is if God is leading you to have some quality time with Him, what does it matter where we sleep. I know the leadership has given up their rooms so that more women can be on campus and I'm so proud of them! If you feel like you are suppose to be at the retreat, don't allow this to be an issue.I hope you all have a great Christmas. It's hard to believe how close Christmas is and how quickly the retreat will be here. I love you all and I'm praying for you during this time of the year to "Pause and reflect on His greatness. 

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