God rejoicing over me?

I think about ME rejoicing over what God has done for me and He has done so much it's hard to express at times but reading Isaiah 62:5 it says that God rejoices over His bride. As I know, the church is referred to as His Bride and that would include me. I'm thinking about my conversations, my schedule,and my attitude today, has it been something He would rejoice over? I certainly pray that everything I have done today has brought Him Glory and He was pleased with all of my actions but as I think about this scripture, it really doesn't say "based on your performance today" I will rejoice over you. It really says He rejoices over me because I'm His child (bride). Wow! He has chosen me and pursued me and now rejoices over me. Amazing love I can't understand!! I guess this is one of those "mysteries" scripture talks about!

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