The heart beat

Last Sunday Passion City Church had their first service in their new building. I was there along with most of my family members. It was a very exciting time for their church and for my sweet friends.  Louie has an amazing gift to lead us right to the heart of God and that night was no exception. Louie talked about the heart. He mentioned he had the opportunity to see open heart surgery and a heart transplant. This was something I did not envy him at all! As he began to tell in detail the procedure, Scott (my son) and I had to put our minds on something else or we would wake up with security over us due to passing out! Then Louie announces that Chris Tomlin and Lauren are expecting their first child and every day they would receive an update on the development of this new baby in the womb. When Chris told Louie the baby's heart is beating and knowing how small this child is, it was such an amazing thing to think about this tiny child in the womb with a heart that is beating. Here was the question: "who started the heart to beat?" At that moment, I felt like I was the only one in the room. Everyone had left and God was saying to me "if the heart is beating, I made it beat"! This may not be an awe moment for you but for me, my eyes were filled with tears. You see, the night before, my sister had told me that she had discovered the survival rate for her stage and type of cancer is at MOST  11 years . She has had cancer for 7 yrs. The average survival rate was 5 yrs. I had a hard time sleeping that night after she told me this. God in His wisdom knew that I was struggling with emotions all Saturday night  so in love ,He said to me Sunday "I make the heart start beating and I make the heart stop"! I knew at that moment God was saying "will you just trust Me?"  There's nothing I personally can do to keep a heart beating including my sister's heart.Therefore, I'm to put all my fears and hopes in the One who does. God is in control not me! What good did it do for me to stay up all night worrying about Janice? Answer: Not one thing! All I got was bags under my eyes from no sleep. In reality if God decides to take me home before Janice, I'm going home! I don't need cancer to end my heart beat.So what's the theme for the week? Putting my hope and confidence in a great God who has given me a new heart the day He saved me. When will this heart stop? When He says "come home"! So until then,  my prayer is this "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my HEART be pleasing in your sight. O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer! Ps. 19:14

Until He calls me home, my prayer is that with every heart beat, I will  know, follow and love Him and I'll leave the beating to Him!