God Establishes Our Steps

How often we make our plans and our "to do" list with one thought in mind "I plan to get as much done as I can today"! I get my "to do" list on Sunday for the entire week. I print it out and then begin my week with the list in my mind. I cannot tell you the exact percentage between sticking to my list or changing plans but I can say it's 50/50. I'm not saying it's not wise to plan. Of course, you are to plan but plan with an open mind and a heart to hear God's leading should God decide you are going to do something totally off your list!Let me explain this more clearly by telling you what happened several days ago. A week from today was Easter. We had a man from Uganda to spend Easter with us. This man is helping Scott and Addie to start a ministry in Uganda. His name is Richard. As we were celebrating Easter, we had our annual Easter egg hung (Richard could not figure out what this had to do with Easter) and I asked Richard was Uganda safe. My concern for safety had to do with the fact Howard and Scott would be leaving on Thursday to fly to Uganda. Richard assured me that Uganda was extremely safe. The following Thursday Scott along with 3 other men (which included Howard)left for Uganda with  great excitement and anticipation to see what God was going to do. Addie and I kiss them goodbye and off to the airport they go. Their plan was to fly to Amsterdam then Uganda. That night at  3:30 a.m., Cara, my youngest daughter, wakes up to find that her dog mollie had gotten sick during the night. She then gets up to take care of the mess and when she gets back in bed she knocks her water bottle off her end table. Her thought is "what in the world is going on"? Now, she cannot go back to sleep (this is another miracle) and decides to check twitter. Why? That's a great question!

She finds a tweet from a girl (who she does not know but follows on twitter) saying that there's riots in the city of Uganda and she is trapped in her room and was asking for prayer. Cara immediately calls Scott and he answers. (another miracle) Scott is in Amsterdam and about to board the plane to Uganda. Cara tells him of the unrest and riots. Scott immediately calls Richard (who told me Uganda was very safe) and he says "I do not think you should come". At that moment, they go to the desk and tell the airlines they are not boarding the plane. The airline stewardess said "you have to board" in which Scott replies "no, I do not have to board and we are not boarding". The airlines had to get all their luggage off which caused a big delay and they were not happy! An hour later, the airport in Uganda was shut down.  You see, God says in Proverbs 16:9 "The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps".  When Scott and Howard left,  their plan was to fly to Amsterdam then to Uganda. God's plan was fly to Amsterdam, take a train to Belgium to wait out the riots, then take a plane to Uganda on Sunday.

Why did God have Scott and Howard board the plane in Atlanta to go to Amsterdam then to find out about the riots? Why did God wake Cara up in the middle of the night? Why did Cara check her twitter at 3:30 a.m.? Why did God then rearrange their trip to go on Sunday and not Thursday to Uganda?

Why, Why, Why! Often this is all we can ask but it's not Why, it's Who! The main question to be answered here is WHO controls all things? Answer: GOD  God has a plan for our lives and He will do whatever He needs to do to show us who He is! He is sovereign and He is in control. The safety element in this situation took back seat and now its all about GOD. What has stood out to me is how great GOD is and that He is in the smallest details.  He will direct our path, He will establish our steps! He is God and nothing is too difficult for Him! I can say at this moment they are on a plane to Uganda. Why all the delays? I have no idea but one thing I know is " God is in control" and my comfort is in Who and not Why!