Our Story

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Cup of Joy was born from a powerful question:

What might happen if women believed God’s love, grace, forgiveness and purposes for them, right where they are?

Through many prayers, many tears, and many conversations and dreams, the vision of the ministry has continued to be refined. But the heart behind Cup of Joy remains constant: we want women to know, love, and follow Jesus. But we want to do more than tell you Jesus loves you; we want to equip you to run your race well, joyfully experiencing the hope of God in Christ in your day to day, whatever may come.


Dot’s own journey through the lies she believed about God and His purpose for her life drove her to start Cup of Joy so that other women could walk in the freedom she discovered in God’s heart for her. She desires that Cup of Joy can offer hope to women who are tired of carrying the labels they have gained from life experiences, from others, and even from themselves.

Our logo perfectly represents our desire and purpose. The lines reflect different seasons, stories & journeys in the lives of women, and the water drop represents our need to stay connected to The Living Water, who is Jesus.

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We hope that women will authentically and boldly take steps toward the life God offers, the purpose God has created for them, keeping the faith & running the race that He has given them.



We depend on the generous donations of people like you to keep encouraging and equipping women to run the race God has for them. Thank you for considering partnering with us in our ministry.