Desperate Hope

An excerpt from Candi Pearson-Shelton’s book, “Desperate Hope”“He is faithful to the marrow, so faithful that He comes with a guarantee.  This guarantee is Jesus, and He promises to us His constant presence (“I will never leave you nor forsake you,” Heb. 13:5 ESV).  Our learning to crawl may take some time.  Learning to trust Him completely may take even longer.  The beauty of the promise to be there is just that – He will be there while you deal with trust issues and belief issues.  He will be there while you wonder at sovereignty and get angry at it because you have nothing to do with it.  He will be there when you’re ready to talk, and He’ll listen as you babble on about nonsense.  And when you’re ready, He’ll speak back to you and begin to unravel some of the mystery.  Not all of it.  We are bound to limited eyesight, and we must understand that it will never be crystal clear on this planet.  But learning to trust Him in everything means knowing you’ll never know it all…and He will.  It means learning that he always has the best end in mind.  It means more hurt is sure to come, but when it does, He feels it with you.  Working through our trust in the beauty of faith and hope in God means we are poised to hear the whispers of small answers to you questions.” (pg.176)


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