Prayer-Our Only Hope

I have just arrived in Washington, D.C. and it's raining. As I looked out the window of the plane, my eyes could see the Jefferson Memorial. I had a sadness in my heart in thinking about all the men and women who have given their life, their time and their commitment to this wonderful nation for the freedom I now have to worship the One and Only God.  We had several men and women in uniform on our plane. I would smile at them and say "thank you for serving" thinking all the time how blessed we are to still have the freedom to worship and pray in public without worrying about safety. Howard and I are here with Focus on the Family to pray together for this nation. We will be in prayer meetings this week as it ends on Thursday, the National Day of Prayer. God, You are our only Hope! Please forgive this country for the laws we have passed to kill your babies and to allow man to determine their own right and wrong. May we return to your Word as the guideline concerning the direction of this Country! Father, is the rain, your tears of sadness as you see daily we are seeking our own pleasures rather than seeking your wisdom and your desire for your children to know and follow you? May you find many righteous in this place so that you will spare this nation. May I stand among the many and call upon your name to spare your judgment that we so deserve! Please hear the cries of your children to heal our land. Please return us to One Nation under One God. Jehovah!