May I live for you?

Today as I study Revelation, I see so many people who come out of the Tribulation but to do so, they have to be martyred. For me, all I have to do is accept God's death so that I can enjoy life and live eternally with Him.  It seems so easy  but I know the cross was not easy for my Saviour. As the martyrs died, they sung praises to their God. I have to pray that I will live the same way as they died! I hope that my days are filled with praises to my God.  As we see during the end of times, satan is able to deceive even more people. It is said over and over again that it is satan who deceives God's children. I can think of people I know and myself as well, who are more comfortable at times  believing lies than it is to accept truth and live in the truth we know. Truth is hard to grasp because it's usually totally opposite of what we "feel" . We can believe lies to where wrong seems right. Father, empower me so that I may live in your truth and be able to recognize the lies that come in my head!! May I remind myself of the truth that you are for me and that you have given your life to redeem me back to you! May I glorify you in all that I do. I pray along with Rick Warren:In Happy moments - I will praise you.  In Difficult times - I will seek You.  In quiet moments - I will Worship you.  In Painful moments - I will Trust You.  In Every Moment - I will Thank you!   

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