A heart of Gratitude

For years now I have asked God to stretch us and to show us who He is and for Cup of Joy to be used in a mighty way for His Glory. I believe last Sunday God did just that. We had the privilege to host several families along with Cure for a Christmas party of a lifetime. We had Santa, made gingerbread houses and hand prints on tiles.  We had food, food and more food. Families were able to have their Christmas picture taken with Santa and if they so desired tour the house. Wow! I cannot express the excitement of our volunteers to serve these precious families. For a few hours I believe these families were able to forget that they had to deal with treatment of Cancer and just enjoy being a family. They were able to reconnect with other families and sweet nurses and Cure representatives. Amy and Robin did an amazing job of organizing the event! The volunteers represented our King with excellence!  Cure invited the families and we were able to love on them. I will forever remember the smiles of these families. That afternoon we were told of a precious family that not only had a son with cancer but a mom as well and that she was put with Hospice.  while this family had the opportunity to get a way after hearing their mommy was dying,  we were able to get our Cup of Joy elves to work  and sprinkle their home with a small dose of "we care" using bows, wreaths and lighted Christmas trees to greet them as they arrived home. When God allows you to invest in someone's life to be His hands and feet and share His Love, you are so so grateful and amazed He would allow you to be a part of His plan for them. It certainly will put things in perspective for you! I promise that! The things you think are so important does not seem as important when you see families face with extreme difficulties! This Thanksgiving I hope you were able to be thankful in whatever circumstances you may be in. It's been my experience that no matter how bad it is, it can always get worse!Our God is a great God and He is good! He has said that not all things are good but that He will use whatever to bring it to good. Certainly, one would only have to turn the news on to see how this world is not heaven and this is not our final destination. All through scripture there's stories after stories of how God has taken the worse possible thing and has brought some good from it! I believe Joseph said it this way  to his brothers about them selling him as a slave "You meant it for bad, God meant it for good". If we can only have the same mindset that our God will use all things for His good and for His glory it will certainly not make bad things become good but it will keep our eyes on the only thing that is good and that's Him!! If you would like to take some time for yourself to reflect on His greatness and His goodness, sign up today for our retreat! Everyone needs a pause in their busy lives to stop and reflect on the only One that can lead you out of a storm to enjoying the peace within your souls! In the midst of a storm, the disciples were afraid and Jesus said to the wind and the waves, Quiet, be still! The disciples said among themselves, who is this? Even the waves obey Him!!  Is God telling you to be quiet and to be still? If so, join us in January! It will be a time for you to answer the question "Who is this that the wind and the waves obey His voice!!! We are going to worship Him!  Can't wait to see you then!Dot    

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