Suffering for the Cayman!

Yes, I’m in Cayman suffering for the Lord. Okay, not really suffering but certainly seeing His glory all around me. Howard and I had the opportunity last night to go out on a boat and enjoy a beautiful sunset. The water looked like glass it was so calm. I said to Howard that it looked like you could just walk on it. He said, "Do you want to try?" Now, I would like to think Howard really believed that I could walk on water, but down deep I know he was trying to be cute and cute he is! As I looked over the stillness of the water it reminded me in scripture when the disciples were in the boat, and they were so afraid seeing someone approach them walking on the water and then realize it was Jesus! I looked over the water as we were riding and such a peace came over me, as peaceful as the water at that moment, that I can’t walk on water but my Heavenly Father can. And as amazing as that truth alone is, another amazing thought came to me. He did tell Peter to come to Him.  That’s great for me to know, but what changed my life was the day that Jesus said to me “Come” and I gave my life to Him. At that moment, He calmed the storm in me. I still here Him often saying to me “come to me” and once again, I experience peace.My prayer for you today is that you hear Him say “come”.For His Glory! Dot

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